Trampoline Park

Zida Academy teamed with Springfree Trampoline to create our very own outdoor trampoline park right on the Stittsville campus at Zida Academy. Fitness and educational programs are available for children and adults.

"The World's Safest Trampoline"

Springfree is the World’s Safest and highest quality trampoline available. Through their innovation and design they’ve been able to remove almost all the areas of a traditional trampoline that create risk of injury. For example, there are no springs and the metal frame is well beneath the jumping surface. The safety enclosure is flexible, so it not only prevents falls to the ground, but it guides jumpers back onto the mat.

A new way to play and learn!

Springfree is the only SMART trampoline and launched tgoma in May 2016 which is their latest innovation. Tgoma is an outdoor interactive digital game system that uses four sensors mounted to the bottom of the mat and relays information through Bluetooth back to a tablet that is hanging on the safety enclosure. Tgoma is currently preloaded with 10 games that range in ages from 4 years old through to teens and adults. There are educational, fitness and fun games for everyone with new games coming soon.

Open Jump Fees

15 minutes:  $5

30 minutes:  $10

45 minutes:  $15

60 minutes:  $20